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The Town of Pulteney, located in the Finger Lakes Region of Central New York, encompasses approximately 33.2 square miles of land.  The majority of Pulteney is considered rural; family residences, recreation, small business, and agriculture are the major land use activities.  Year-round population is approximately one thousand two hundred and eighty-five (2010 census) residents, however the population expands significantly in the summer and fall months due to the tourism nature of the area.


Pulteney differs from many New York State rural communities in that it has over 10 miles of shoreline on Keuka Lake, one of the Finger Lakes in New York State.  This part of Town offers a large tax base and lends itself to both opportunities and challenges.


Recent arrivals of Amish and Mennonite families engaged in agricultural, crafts, and construction practices provides for sustained rural lifestyles and potential needs differing from our traditional way of life.





To support growth of agricultural and commercial development of our economic, cultural and social needs, while preserving the quality and character of life enjoyed here by our residents and visitors.




General Community Plan Premises


  • Encourage and shape balanced growth within Pulteney, thereby insuring an

attractive, healthy sustainable community for future generations.

  • Use Site Plan Review and Subdivision Law Regulations to further policies and


·          Priority will be given to providing public services (water and sewer) for future

development when the need is established.

  • Support the continued use of actively farmed land.
  • Promote accessible, neighborhood and community serving goods and services in

the Town of Pulteney.

  • The enactment of Federal, State, and grant funds to carry out Town projects required by existing development.
  • Encourage resident health and welfare through maintenance and provision

of a wide variety of ways that people can gain access to and use the outdoors.

  • Protection of ground water quality and safe water supplies shall continue to be a

priority of the Town.

  • Improve the condition of the environment and protect it from degradation.
  • Protect the public’s health, safety and general welfare through regulation of

private wells and private sewage disposal systems.


Policies and Strategies


The following 6 items have been identified for consideration under the Pulteney Comprehensive Plan.


  1. Natural Resources
  2. Farm Land and Open Space
  3. Residential Living
  4. Local Commerce
  5. Tourism
  6. Community Resources


  1. Natural Resources


Policy: Residents, businesses and community leaders will work with the Town to ensure that key environmental areas such as wetlands, floodplains, steep slopes, wood lots and water bodies are identified and conserved to the extent practical.  (The Town will encourage and enforce sound development practices, proper zoning guidelines and community stewardship to reduce or eliminate the degradation of these resources.)


  • Meet the requirements of the state environmental and quality review act.
  • Encourage and maintain land use programs to protect the greatest extent feasible

the defined ecologically significant environmental areas.

  • Work with other municipalities, public agencies and private landowners to

identify and protect wildlife corridors and habitat.

  • Encourage and maintain a program to protect unique scenic resources.
  • Focus development in ways that minimize the use of water and energy.
  • Require an environmental study on all land to be donated or purchased by the Town as part of any subdivision or site plan approval.
  • Encourage a Watershed Management Plan that encompasses storm

water management, stream corridor management and control of soil erosion

and sedimentation.

  • Recognize that the housing and construction pressures along the shore of Keuka Lake will require strict and sensible application of zoning, building, and environmental regulations.
  • Work with the Planning Board and Town Officials to monitor the installation of solar and wind power systems.




  1. Farm Land and Open Space


Policy: Pulteney will strive to conserve our rural heritage and to protect our active

farmland and valuable open space.


  • Support efforts by State and County agencies to foster agricultural growth as elements of the regional economic development program.
  • Encourage landowners in established agricultural district areas to participate in the State’s Agricultural Districting Program.
  • Support tax abatement programs that would encourage property owners to keep land in agricultural use and to preserve and protect open space and conserve natural resources.
  • Support agricultural practices, which minimize contamination of the environment, soil, erosion, and surface water runoff.
  • Support agricultural and viticulture related business and promote their presence and availability throughout the town and surrounding region. Encourage participation in local farmer’s markets.
  • Encourage events, activities and enterprises that support the local farming community and continue Pulteney’s rural tradition.
  • Encourage farmers to participate in local and regional agricultural organizations.
  • Encourage landowners to seek information about private land conservation techniques (e.g. conservation easements and land conservancies).
  • Provide information and guidance to the Amish and Mennonite families for preservation of their lifestyle and environment.


  1. 3. Residential Living


Policy: Pulteney will strive to ensure that we offer a wide range of residential opportunities to its residents.


  • Ensure strict adherence of building, housing and zoning codes through adequate

administrative capacity to carry out the regulatory functions.

  • Provide for ongoing in-service training of staff and lay boards responsible

for code enforcement and appeals review.

  • Explore feasibility of walkways on developed areas.
  • Consider use of cluster development, where development at higher densities

would be permitted in cases where significant amounts of open space or viable

agricultural lands are preserved.

  • Promote residential development at densities consistent with existing and future


  • Continue the exploration and improvement of public spaces (e.g. roads,

landscaped areas, open spaces, parks, etc.) within residential areas.

  • Preserve and expand the wide range of housing options available in the Town.
  • Ensure that all residential development meets all Town, State, County, slopes, streams, highly erodible soils and lake front areas.


  1. 4. Local Commerce


Policy:  The Town will encourage commercial, retail and small-scale industrial development which complements the community’s small town, rural character and does not compromise productive farmland and open spaces.


  • Encourage business development opportunities related to the natural and cultural resources located in the community.
  • Consider, maintain, and enhance, the public infrastructure necessary to sustain the desired level of development within the town.



  1. 5. Tourism


Policy: Pulteney will strive to encourage tourism activities that celebrate the Town’s

natural resources, scenic beauty and rich history, making Pulteney an attractive



  • Encourage expansion of tourism-related services and retail within the Town.
  • Support partnerships with local, county and regional partners.




  1. Community Resources


Policy: Pulteney will strive to have community resources that meet the needs of residents

and visitors, as well as support local businesses.  The Town will promote the

community’s historical, natural, and cultural resources.


  • Promote awareness of the Town’s cultural and historic attractions and assets.
  • Promote community resources, tourism sites, as well as overviews of the Town’s history, attractions and natural resources.
  • Preserve open spaces and promote recreational facilities and programs to meet the needs of the community.


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