Pulteney Town Garden


Pulteney Community Garden Project in Partnership with the
Office of the Aging and the Steuben Senior Service Fund, Inc.

Pulteney Community Garden meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6:00 PM at the Pulteney Town Hall.  The meetings are held April-October.


To provide a serene area in our community for interaction among generations
To encourage opportunities for community building activities
Beautification of space in the community
Gather a harvest that can be used for educational purposes and donations to the local food pantry/community senior residents
Contact individuals:

Kathy Burns: SSSF representative through the Pulteney Aging in Place Project: 607-664-2390 or kathleenb@co.steuben.co.ny
Liz Ryder: Project Coordinator: Lizzardsden@hotmail.com or by message with the Town Clerk
Pulteney Town Clerk: 607-868-4222

In kind donations from business or public/private entities
Cash donations from individuals or businesses
Grant acquisition

Regular monthly meetings will be held at 6pm on the second Tuesday from April thru October at the Pulteney Town Hall on County Rte 74
There will be work days scheduled as needed on Saturdays from 9am-12pm at the garden site on County Route 74 next to the Ambulance building

A hold harmless agreement is in place with the Town of Pulteney and Steuben Senior Services Fund, Inc. for planting at the garden. Plant and consume at your own risk.
Rules associated with using the site and frequenting the site

Permission must be granted to conduct parties, educational activities, construction of beds or other permanent/non permanent structures.  Permission can be obtained by contacting the above listed individuals.
No chemicals of any kind are allowed to be used on the site. Organic pesticides are allowed if they do not require extended time to dissipate before consumption.
Only organic fertilizers and mulch are permitted.
No motorized vehicles of any kind are allowed in the garden area due to possible fluid leaks that could cause contamination of the soil. Special circumstances include lawn care equipment and delivery vehicles.
This is a carry in carry out facility. If you create any garbage while you are visiting, you are expected to take it with you upon departure
The use of tobacco products at the garden is strictly prohibited.  This includes cigarettes and chewing tobacco.
Alcohol and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited on all town property which includes the garden space.
Pets are allowed but you must pick up your pet’s waste.
No open fires are allowed
Please supervise children at all times.  Raised beds and other structures may be hazards to younger children at play.
Weeds are the responsibility of the members and planters. If you have created a space in the garden, you are responsible for caring for that space or your privilege may be revoked.
Guidelines for planting a space

Planting space must be in designated areas approved by the contact individuals.
Your assigned planting space is your responsibility and you must follow the rules and guidelines mentioned in this document.
No plants will be allowed that encroach on other spaces or in designated walkways.
Contact individuals have the right to revoke planting privileges if rules and guidelines are not adhered to during or after the harvest or blooming season.
You cannot expand beyond your designated space without written permission.
Any vegetation planted must be legally allowed by law.
Who is allowed to plant?

Any community member or business may plant a space in the garden with the written permission of the contact individuals and by meeting specific guidelines.
Any bed not clearly marked for sponsorship is available to any community member for consumption and use.
Sponsorship of beds

Anyone can sponsor a specific bed for a family, business, themselves or another individual or group.
If you would like the bed to be specifically for a group or individual, we request a $25 donation and that particular bed will be reserved solely for those individuals. Donations are not mandatory. Please contact the aforementioned individuals for more details.
You will be able to decorate the bed with non-offensive material or display branding materials.
Sponsored beds will allow you to plant any legally consumable products in the space to suit your needs or for donation.
If you sponsor a bed that is not full of topsoil and wish to fill it or if you would like to build your own according to the project plan, you may do so with permission from the contact individuals listed prior.  There will be no need for a donation if you build or supply materials for a bed.
By signing this agreement, you agree to maintain your sponsored space and abide by all rules set forth above. Checks must be made out to: Town of Pulteney Garden. Cash Donations must have a letter indicating sponsorship and we advise you to keep a copy for yourself.
We do have a hold harmless contract in place. You will tend your space at your own risk. Pesticides are not allowed.

Signature of sponsoring party
Responsible Party                                                                                                                                                Date
Address and phone number
Town Representative Signature                                                                                                                        Date

Donation Amount: _____________________Form of payment: _________________Date:______________________

Received by: __________________________________________
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